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Northern California Botanists is an organization with the purpose of increasing knowledge and communication among agency, consulting, academic, and other botanists about botanical issues concerning science, conservation, education, and professional development. Our primary objectives are to establish a communication forum via occasional meetings, a scholarship fund for students working on botanical problems in northern California, a job forum, and symposia that focus on the botany of northern California.

The geographic range for defining the Northern California Botanists (NCB) area of interest for symposia presentations, associated workshops, and student research scholarships includes the area extending northward--from the southern boundary of San Luis Obispo County and western slope of the Tehachapi Mountains, following the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada, to the southern boundary of Mono County. Students from any accredited college or university doing research within the NCB geographic range may apply for NCB student research scholarships. NCB welcomes members from all areas.

NCB By-Laws Amendment to include Two Student Directors

The Board of Directos of Northern California Botanists would like to include up to two student directors on the Board. The By-Laws have been amended to reflect this and the changes are highlighted in the proposed edition dated June 2021. Both the current and proposed By-Laws can be found at the bottom of the Board of Directors Page.

Every three years, NCB needs to approve the slate of the Board of Directors. We will be sending the slate and By-Laws to the members to vote on them soon. In addition, we will ask if the members approve adding up to two student directors to the Board at that time.

Dean W. Taylor Botanical Exploration Memorial Award

In 2020, we lost Dean William Taylor, a giant of the Northern California botanical community. He had an irrepressible enthusiasm for everything botanical, a genius for teaching, and an unparalleled understanding of the mechanisms driving plant speciation and distribution. His record of outstanding collections and discovery of new taxa speaks for itself. Dean was a champion of the unexplored botanical diversity of California, and frequently took the stage at our symposia to encourage people to collect specimens and work to define that diversity. In the absence of his electrifying speeches and reliable advice, we hope that the material support of the Dean W. Taylor Botanical Exploration Memorial Award will help a new generation of botanists fill his shoes.

The aim of the Dean W. Taylor Botanical Exploration Memorial Award is to cover costs associated with botanical exploration in Northern California. This award is open to all people with an interest in the native plants and wildland ecology of Northern California, including students, practicing botanists, land managers, and dedicated herbarium collectors. We encourage projects that echo Dean Taylor's goals of finding unknown botanical diversity in California, namely collecting in under-collected areas, work to explore the habitat and range of known taxa, and efforts to discover and define new taxa.

Awardees will present either at the following Northern California Botanist (NCB) symposium or write an article for the NCB newsletter. Applications should provide a short description of the proposed project, a budget of how funds (up to $500) will be spent, and a resume emphasizing botanical experience. Applications are due October 1, 2021. More information on how to apply can be found in these documents:

Northern California Botanists Symposium in January 2022

Northern California Botanists is planning to have our next symposium at California State Univeristy, Chico on January 10-11, 2022 with optional workshops on the 12th.  We hope to have an in-person symposium but are looking into having virtual options as well.  We will keep you informed as it develops.  We look forward to seeing all of you next year!

NCB Diversity Statement

The purpose of Northern California Botanists (NCB) is to increase knowledge and communication among agency, consulting, academic, and other botanists about issues concerning science, conservation, education, and professional development of Northern California botany. Just as NCB recognizes the importance of studying and understanding the diversity of plants and biological systems, we are committed to promoting and expanding a diverse and inclusive group of botanists. Our science is improved by our multiple perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. NCB welcomes and encourages participation and membership of all professionals, students, and/or other interested individuals, regardless of race, sex, age, culture, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, national origin, physical or mental difference, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, or any intersectionality of these or other personal factors. We vigorously and proactively promote equity and reject prejudice and stereotyping in all forms whenever it is encountered in the profession.

As the main activities of our organization, we promote diversity in our board and committees; attendance, presentation, and participation at our symposia and workshops; application for and award of scholarship and stipend programs; and representation in our newsletters.

NCB Budding Botanists Program

Northern California Botanists' Budding Botanists Program includes early career botanists in the professional community. Members of the Northern California Budding Botanists will be added to our NCB listserv and will receive notifications about classes and workshops. Members can also contact experienced botanists for career advice. Members are also invited to careers sessions during the Northern California Botanists Symposia. To join, ask career questions, or volunteer to answer career questions as an experienced botanist and mentor, please contact us at buddingbotanists@norcalbotanists.org

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Please email Northern California Botanists at ncbotanists@gmail.com

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