Board of Directors


Linnea Hanson
U.S. Forest Service (retired)
(Board Member since 2006)


Vice President

Jane Van Susteren
California Department of Forestry
(Board Member since 2014)


Russell Huddleston
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9
(Board Member since 2020)


Gail Kuenster
California Department of Water Resources (retired)
(Board Member since 2006)


Israel Borokini (since 2021) Department of Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley

Cherilyn Burton (since 2021) California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Kerry Byrne (since 2020), Humboldt State University

Lawrence Janeway (since 2006), California State University, Chico, Chico State Herbarium

Kristen Kaczynski (since 2019), California State University, Chico

Len Linstrand III, (since 2022), Sierra Pacific Industries

Teresa Sholars (since 2016), College of the Redwoods (Professor Emeritus)

Joseph Silveira (since 2023 and 2006-2014), U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (retired)

Daria Snider (since 2011), Madrone Ecological Consulting, LLC

Past Board Members

Colby Boggs (2006-2008), North State Resources, Inc.

Barbara Castro (2006-2022) California Department of Water Resources (retired)

Robin Fallscheer (2006-2011), California Department of Fish and Game

Forest Gauna (2006-2008), Modoc National Forest

Matt Guilliams (2011-2017), Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Brett Hall (2014-2020), University of California, Santa Cruz, Arboretum

Christine Hantelman (2006-2011), consulting botanist

Jessica Hammond (2011-2016), consulting botanist

Samantha Hillaire (2008-2021), Garcia and Associates

Chris Ivey (2008-2014), California State University, Chico

Julie Kierstead (2015-2020, USFS, Shasta Trinity National Forest (retired)

Chase Lentz (2011-2015), Bureau of Land Management

Jenny Marr (2006-2011), California Department of Fish and Game

Kristina Schierenbeck (2006-2008), California State University, Chico

Rob Schlising (2006-2018), California State University, Chico (retired)

Jason Sexton (2017-2022), University of California, Merced

Genevieve Walden (2018-2020), California Department of Food and Agriculture

Karen Wiese (2006-2011), Tahoe National Forest

Mike Williams (2008-2014), Butte College

Jenn Yost (2014-2019), Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo